About Us

Cars Speeding

Enforcement Logix is part of the Logix ITS family, a group of companies dedicated to safer roads and better parking. Traffic Logix, our road safety division, offers innovative ITS and traffic calming solutions, radar speed signs, speed trailers, recycled speed humps and Police Camera like License plate recognition camera, Optical character recognition camera, and Automatic number plate recognition Camera. Enforcement Logix is a natural extension of the Logix ITS family, with the goal of improving safety and saving lives on roads across the world.

While the Traffic Logix brand aims to improve safety with solutions that return attention to the road and slow drivers down, Enforcement Logix takes a step forward with the goal of capturing imagery of speed violators and using enforcement to change behavior. When traffic calming and speed awareness are not enough, our groundbreaking speed Police Camera helps you track precise vehicle speeds and take necessary action.

Speed kills. Safer roads save lives. We’re here to help.


In today’s life drivers speed driving put themselves and other people on the road at risk. So protect your roads by using these Enforcer Camera to maintain speed limit with state-of-the-art speed cameras.