Complete Speed Camera Systems

Enforcement Logix Speed Camera lets you track and photograph speeders to better enforce speed limits on your roads. Our cameras offer the most intelligent technology and best precision of any other speed camera on the market. With the ability for on-site ticketing and the remote access to speed data, these ANPR Camera, LPR Camera systems help you to use the data you gather to protect your roads.

Guardian Camera

SafePace Guardian

This entry level camera system’s main motive is to slow down the traffic on low volume residential roads. It can just be used as an accessory to the SafePace speed signs.

Speeding Cars and Speed Camera

Enforcer Cam 16

This robust camera system can be used in a particular place with a fixed location, as a trailer unit, or on a mobile solution. Its 2D multi-beam infrared camera offers you the unparalleled accuracy.

Speeding Car and Speed Camera


The first ever camera system which functions the best and couples speed imagery with on-site enforcement, this system allows you to get printed warnings at the same time.

Track | Photograph | Enforce | Analyze

Our system can easily detect the exact vehicle speeds with a 3D model and calculates the true vehicle velocity. It can detect even multiple vehicles in different lanes. Our System is fully functional and works in all the weather conditions and it offers footprint with the need of software.

They can be operated autonomously with battery power or with reduced power supply requirements.

So access the speed data for enforcement and analysis from anywhere and anytime.

Camera Comparison Chart


In today’s life drivers speed driving put themselves and other people on the road at risk. So protect your roads by using these Enforcer Camera to maintain speed limit with state-of-the-art speed cameras.